timp caves

so i decided to take my sisters on a hike to timp caves last week. it was so much fun, but harder then i thought it would be. we made it up pretty quick though, in fact we had 30 minutes to spare before our tour began (but thankfully we got to go in sooner)

the whole way up em used her "map" to show us (and anyone around us) the way. 
kate was a trooper- she carried the backpack almost the entire way! and let me tell you it was not a light backpack (we packed a lot of snacks!) 
the whole gang on the trail.
inside the caves...
look how cool!- it is even cooler in person. and after this experience i have now decided to find my own cave... 
inside the caves again.
at the top! (and surprisingly enough we made it here with very little complaining- which is amazing since they both complain walking home from school, and this was a lot longer then the walk home from school!)
after we got out of the caves the little one decided to take her shoes off, which wouldn't have been a problem if we were able to get them back on! so after carrying her halfway down the mountain i decided that she is just going to have to finish the hike in her socks.
by the time we made it to the car we were all pretty tired- unfortunately for me, i had to drive home :(

all in all we had so much fun! and it was all worth it! plus it was so nice to "get away"


what a good big sister you are-It looks like you had a great time! That hike is always harder than I remember it being when I was younger...
p.s. the invitations are darling!!!
lyn. said…
What a fun day!!

I love Em showing the way with the map since there is only one way... lol

A few years back, when gas was under $2.00 a gallon, my husband and I would hike up to Timp Cave everyday just to see if we could do it faster than the day before. We didn't go through the cave, just turned around and went down...
[It was sort of like CrossFit workouts, only different.]

P.S. I didn't need a map... :-D
lol, these photos are so funny! Even though it took everything out of them in the end, i think they really had fun...even emmie. :)
Whitney Tanner said…
That sounds like lotsa fun! Wish I'd gone.
Codnerfamily said…
whis we would have been there to go with you.looks like it was lots of fun.i have hiked with Emmy before and she is a trooper!!
Blondie said…
ha, that looks like an awesome time!

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