post office

i am finally getting my "birthday in a box" package off to the post office! most likely it will not make it on time... oh well, at least i am sending it! plus they have 2 months to get it there before it becomes useless. (he got extended) i figured he will be happy to get it anytime :)- right? 
package contains:
1- a cake mix & frosting
3- streamers
4-party hats
5- the blow/noise makers
6- 21 individual candles + a "21" candle
8-a banner
9-a letter
10- a few pictures... (i didn't want to include this but i caved into peer pressure)

-part of the letter- i liked my handwriting so i thought i would share.... ha!
the end result. hopefully the picture of Jesus will stop anyone from stealing it and having a party themselves, because after paying for the actual package and for shipping, it better get there! plus i deserve the credit for sending a package and not just an email.


lyn. said…
Missionaries are so much fun!
And don't we love them so...
aly said…
i love missionaries! but not in the ... kind of way :)

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