oh baby oh baby oh baby!

so my sister brittany is having a baby! so we are having a baby shower, and i got to make the invitations. i tried to copy these (which i found in blog land but forgot where- sorry!)   i think they turned out ok, but i still think these ones are much cuter. 

and yes, i do have a picture of the actual invitation, but unfortunately it has top secret information on it (aka--address and phone number...) so this will have to do. 


Christina said…
my mom hung the invitation up on the fridge. she loves it. she wishes i were as crafty as you.
i wish i were as crafty as you too aly!
lyn. said…
I hope you glued the buttons instead of sewing them on... lol
Barb Elder said…
I loved it so cute. The shower was fun and the food was GREAT!

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