cross fit

i just joined on to the cross fit team (well it isn't really a team, but it kinda feels that way) i love it there, and am so excited to work my butt off --well my butt and hopefully much more :)  my only complaint is that they sometimes post pictures on their website and let's just say i love photography, just not of me working out! but hey maybe i will like the pictures in a couple of months after all my hard work! 

for more info on cross fit click here.


lyn. said…
I can't wait to see your picture posted for tomorrow's wod... lol

You did awesome today! You learned the clean and jerk so quickly. I'm still working to get the form right...}-:
I have a lot more to work off then my butt}-: It will be fun working out together, but please try not to make this old lady look tooooo bad!

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