can't explain....

i want to go here this weekend!

why you ask?
that is right- because of frankie muniz. he is here in town racing! you heard me correct, racing. he quit acting and became a professional race car driver! now that is cool.
Hopefully this is where i will be this weekend! 

for more info on frankie's racing career click here!


lyn. said…
I am definitely not a NASCAR fan, but I remember as a preteen, going to the drive-inn and seeing Steve McQueen starring in the movie LeMans

I could have watched that movie a hundred times and not get tired of it [and I probably did]. There was just something about the sound of the cars speeding around the track, that just grabbed hold of me and wouldn't let go..

Of course, Steve McQueen wasn't to bad to look at either... LOL

I guess what I am saying is that I am totally relating to your post...

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