baby shower

the diaper game! i don't even know what to say for this one....
from top to bottom, left to right: great grandma and grandma to be, the sister in laws, elder girls, tru & grandma to be, aunt katemanda, & miss meg.
the crab familybritt & aly, prego lady & cassandra, and aunt aly & kissy.
whit, aly, britt, and tru!
aunt jayne & aunt leslie, & the peterson gals.

it was such a fun shower! thanks for everyone's help and for everyone who came! 


lyn. said…
Looks like you had the shower just in the nick of time... Auntie :-D
Codnerfamily said…
I wish I was there it looks like lots of fun.And it would have of been fun to see everyone.
lauren said…
oh my gosh!

is christina smiling in a picture?
aly said…
em i wish you could have come too!

lauren- yes, yes she is. i trapped her! tricked her.... i am cunning- yes i am!

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