what to do?

sorry i have been so bad at blogging lately! you have probably been wondering why-- well i will tell you! i have been in that stage where i keep thinking what do i want to do with my life, where do i want to go, where do i see myself in 5 years....(i guess kind of the normal college crisis stage) so in an attempt to answer some of these questions i decided to read this magazine "secrets of the super rich" i am learning quite a few things such as: persistence is key, i need to desire to accumulate money not spend it, and that luck is preparation meeting a moment of opportunity... 

unfortunately, instead of helping me it just made me have more and more questions. my head feels as though it is going to explode! and while i have no desire to be a billionaire (although, it wouldn't be too shabby, but i just think there is a lot more to life then money and possessions...) but oddly enough i still want to attempt to plan my life- even though i know you can't really plan your life, something inside me keeps telling myself that I can. 

so even though i know i can't plan my life and that people's "plans" hardly ever work out... am i totally crazy for trying?! and for feeling stressed about not having one. i know i have a lot of time but i don't feel like i do and i hate not knowing.... i just wish i was laid back and a "go with the flow" type person, but i'm not! and i feel like to go somewhere you have to take action.... sorry for blabbing on and on i will just stop right now.


lyn. said…
Babble on... you have very good insights and are wise beyond your years. Most college kids don't even think, let alone think about where they are headed....

You have an awesome squat (•_•)
maybe you should be an Olympic weight lifter... LOL
If you have no plan then you have no idea where you will end up, so I think you are one smart cookie to work on it!
don't worry!! I totally feel the same way!!

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