so wherever we go this little gal on the right always gets stopped and told how much she looks like dakota fanning... well i decided to see for myself, and i must say it is true! very weird.

but in my personal experience, i have found that it is usually best to not tell someone they look like "so and so" you ask why? well because often times they do not think that person is pretty and they find it offensive and never forget it. plus people don't like to be told they look like "so and so", they usually like to think of themselves as unique. 

but sometimes it is really flattering (when you like the person) so i guess you might just have to take the risk! 

this has been advise from aly- best of luck! 


lyn. said…
I think "that little gal" is much cuter that Dakota Fanning. Dakota should be thrilled to think someone would make the comparison...

I think it is Family Living magazine that has a feature where they publish local people who very closely resemble a famous person. You should check it out, take a picture, and I bet "the little gal" would end up in an upcoming issue...
i must say, emmie is much cuter.

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