for the longest time i have been wanting to do a swim cap photo shoot with little kids, and have been looking everywhere for cool swim caps such as these! well after seeing these wonderful photos that were in the italian vogue i am set on this idea more then ever before! so if you know of any places let me know! 

*photo's seen here
*to see more fabulous photo's from this shoot click here*


Anonymous said…
I actually saw some at big 5 a little while ago!
Wendi said…
spectacular is right!
love it!
lauren said…
oh my gosh. i have been looking for one of those too! but... to wear!
lyn. said…
I haven't seen swim caps like those since women HAD to wear them in the swimming pools. They used to say that women's long hair would clog up the drains... but guess what? They found out years later that it was the short hairs from men's legs that were doing the dirty deed... LOL

Can I also mention the synchronized swimming the lovely ladies in the swim caps are doing... I have always loved watching and marveled at the grace and skill of that sport. Did you know that when they aren't wearing swim caps [which is usually], they keep their hair in place with Knox gelatine...

P.S. Swim caps hurt your head, a lot!!!!!!!
Anita said…
enjoy your blog, thought I would help you out in your quest...I love all things vintage...

Here are a few sites I came across,hope it's what you were looking for.


hi i love your blog! and you're cute :)

m.a belle just posted a lot of pictures on swimcaps, and they said you should go to headcovers, the popping out florals are so pretty!

have a nice day :)

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