movie review time

i officially love 3D! it makes movies much much more interesting- the only problem is you have to pay more, and also with the 3D glasses, i kept thinking that  i had my sunglasses on and  kept trying to take them off. but overall interesting, entertaining, and all around cool! 
this movie was long, and pretty dark---- but i loved it! i want to have a batman movie marathon when this comes out on dvd! with costumes and all! :)

love love loved it! pretty freaking hilarious! 
super cute- very interesting concept with some scary realizations. it was super fun because i sat next to my dear cousin jared who is probably one of my favorite people to go to movies with!
not my favorite- but an interesting concept. there just wasn't much to the story.
i thought it was pretty darn funny- but unlike my parents i haven't seen any of the old ones to compare this too, so i enjoyed it a little more then they did. but if i remember correctly there is a crude part that they should have just taken out all together.


lyn. said…
Thanks, this was very helpful and much more fun that the "Movie Show"...

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