3 joys:
-going on long, hard bike rides
-watching random old movies late into the night
-cafe rio with friends

3 fears:
-making the wrong decisions
-the power of thoughts
-the feeling of failure

3 goals:
-temple marriage (but not for awhile!)
-becoming a talk show host
-to become a better me.

3 current obsessions/collections:
-snow cones- always a summer obsession
-i am an obsessive list maker- even if i never look at the list again i am always making lists/charts....
-i am obsessed with changing- i honestly change my clothes around 3x a day, and have done so ever since i was little.

3 random surprising facts about myself:
-i don't sleep very much (just like my dad)
-i hang out with my parents more then my friends
-in 8th grade i got a cake decorating award (even though we didn't decorate cakes)

3 people i tag: brittany, lauren. christina


you don't sleep much? ;)

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