sweet dreams ahead

i think this bedding from dwell studio is quite wonderful! in fact i love it so much i really want to get it. after all, my furniture is black so it would completely work..... only problem is that i don't really need it- it is just a want.... and the new frugal me is trying to stop giving into my wants....

*the place that introduced me to this wonderful bedding found here.


Allie said…
Wow. That's gorgeous. But don't give in! Save your pennies! haha
Anonymous said…
Whitney Tanner said…
Pretty, pretty! I'm trying to save pennies too. I guess we should stay away from each other than!
lauren said…

there you will find a picture you will love

(red shoes)
Wendi said…
You have fabulous taste.
Don't. Do. It.
Trust me!

I am off to mail your package today.
I hope you will enjoy a few of MY favorite things.
Have a great week!!!
Oh man. I love, love, LOVE this way too much. I am trying to be frugal too! But that is a stretch man! Hahaha hope you are doing great! Love your guts!

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