k's b-day party

for k's birthday party we had a chef's party and it was so much fun! we made homemade pizza's (in a pizza oven) and then decorated aprons... and i can't even tell you how delicious the pizza's were-- i wish i could eat one right now!

i would recommend putting a pizza oven in your house to anyone! i want one myself, and i don't even have a house yet! plus it is not only good for pizza, but you can cook about anything in it and so if there is an emergency you are set. plus it is an excellent excuse to go on a trip to italy so you can learn how to cook pizza's the correct way. :) 


lauren said…
um. can i have the strawberry one?
after this party, i've decided a pizza oven in the kitchen is the way to go! yummy!
lyn. said…
What a fun and unique birthday party!

I would like to know more about pizza ovens in the home kitchen! Where did this party actually take place...

Inquiring minds want to know! :-D
Whitney Tanner said…
That is a rad party, K is a pretty rockin' pre-teen!

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