kelly's fashion finder

for all of you who know me, or those who read my blog regularly.... by now know that i pretty much think kelly ripa is the greatest. well i just found this new feature on their website, and it is so cool! it shows you what kelly is wearing everyday on the show and who designed it.... and since kelly is is so well dressed this is pretty much amazing! 

check it out here*


Wendi said…
Hi Aly!
I am beyond excited to have YOU as my swap partner.
I love all things Kelly Ripa, who knew?
I already knew about the link you mentioned.
I wrote a really long comment to you, but I have just deleted it due to the length.
I will email it to you instead.
Have a great day!
Whitney Tanner said…
That is pretty rad, if only they would do that for Angelina Jolie! I always want what she is wearing! :(
Jessie Evans said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jessie Evans said…
Photography major scholarship, you should check it out:
lyn. said…
What a fun site! I never get to watch Regis and Kelly, but I loved seeing the clothes on Kelly's Fashion Finder. Now all I need is to find people who will let me wear their cute clothes, shoes, and jewelry for free...
Amanda Lauren said…
Okay...So whitney is saying she won't add more blog entries until she gets at least ten comments on each blog! So everyone comment!!!

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