joshua james

so this is my old guitar teacher who is now becoming all famous and stuff...anyways he is absolutely fantastic and his voice is beautiful (having to sing with him during lessons was highly embarrassing!) you have to check out this video! to hear more you can check out his myspace or just buy his cd on itunes (and if you do, you will not be disappointed because it is fantastic!) and if you want to know even more you can check out his blog.


lauren said…
i saw him in logan and he was amazing. and this guy in his band had longish blonde hair--i fell in love.
Matt Clayton said…
Great picture choice. :)
Whitney Tanner said…
I love Matt Clayton- he took some great photos of my friend Nat Devine! Your old guitar or guitar teacher? Just wonderin'! Wink!
Wendi said…
This guy was your old guitar teacher?

I am still working on your "favorite things" package.
I keep changing my mind. Indecisive me!
I think I have too many favorite things!
Have a wonderful week! ~Wendi

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