em's fairy tea party

“Come to where the fairies roam, a beautiful forest they call their home. We will dance and we will play to celebrate Emme’s 6th birthday. June 14th, 2008 at 1:00 PM. please be at our door. Come dressed in your fairy best, join us for “tea” as our guest. At the party you will see, the enchantments of a fairy. If you believe…your fairy wings you will receive. This special gathering of the fairies will be held in the magical gardens of (address). We anxiously await your reply (number).    

the birthday girl


lauren said…
exponentially cute.
Wendi said…
You must come take photos of my children.
Delicious photos!
Whitney Tanner said…
It was such a fabulous party, I wish I had dressed up!
these are so cute! i can't believe i couldn't be there... :(

i love love love that bottom photo, so darling!
p.s. did i mention how insanely talented and awesome you are?! your tea pot is gorgeous too!
lyn. said…
This is the cutest birthday party I have ever seen! And your photography is better than I see in magazine!! Who needs Martha Stewart...
You did so much work and it did seem like fairy land! I am glad we got the jewel on the fairy wing unstuck from the glass table; we had one pretty upset fairy for a moment.
K.J. and Macie said…
CUTE!! I've never thought of a fairy party, good idea.

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