Wednesday, June 4, 2008

branching out

so i've branched out and bought myself a pair of tennis shoes. for all of those who know me, know that this is very out of the ordinary for me. i never wear tennis shoes unless i am going to the gym. so i decided that it was time for a change and i purchased these. i must admit that so far i am liking them, sure it's weird being my actual height but i am now accepting my height and it feels good! but to all of my other shoes- don't worry i still love you, and i will continue to wear you all the time!


Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

Aly, those shoes are so adorable! I am very jealous. Oh, this is Kaitlyn Flanagan by the way.

aly said...

don't be too jealous- i wore them today and they hurt! i thought tennis shoes would be comfortable- oh i was wrong! i'm so glad you have a blog by the way :)

lauren said...

do your shoes normally read your blog?

ha ha

lyn. said...

Much more practical for riding your bike than heels... {-:

once you break them in!
[your feet that is... lol}