azucar love

i purchased these beauties the other day--which is just another reason why i am poor :) anyways i love them and they are great because they go with everything! in fact i am tempted to buy them in black too!

*just noticed they went on sale! i am going to have to check my receipt! nordstrom is nice right?!--do you think they would do a price adjustment for me since i found them cheaper on the steve maddens website?


lyn. said…
Very cute sandal!
I hope you bought more than one... LOL

I say, make a trip to Nordstrom's, because you'll never know unless you give it a try! Just think, you could maybe get the black ones, too, without paying double... :-D
I'm almost positive they'll do it. If women's shoes won't do it, I'll do it. Just bring them in before my last day-Thursday!
those are so cute! i need some sandals for summer!

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