the world of dating

before i start i must first make this disclaimer: this post is not based off just one date, but from my dating experience as a whole, and is my opinion and no one else's.

ok here it goes:
- first dates should not be a time for you to meet their bishop, nor should you constantly refer to you bishop. no matter how cool the man is, it is a little fast and awkward for your date...
- next item of business is the fact that it is the man's job to open doors for you ( and this isn't my opinion this is just a simple fact) but personally i think that i can open my own door to get out of the car. you are now probably asking yourself why now i am confused... let me explain this-- the reason why is because i hate just sitting in the car and waiting for him to run around, it is always awkward and never once has been natural. you are still showing respect by opening all the other doors, but i can let myself out of the car.
-when you are trying to make a move and the girl doesn't respond, this tells you she is not interested and to just stop! because when you don't it is very awkward and you just want to leave. dating should not make you feel this way, it should be fun and relaxed.
-after you have gone out a couple of times i highly recommend that you do not, may i repeat do not ask out her roommates!
-do something creative and fun. it doesn't have to be expensive just do something that she hasn't done a million times on dates.(a.k.a. bowling) for me personally i think it would be fun to have a picnic or go to the shooting range, or go 80's dancing, or go on a tandem bike ride, or if she likes movies then take her to a movie there is nothing wrong with that. plus by doing so you will stand out from the crowd.
-have a plan! i hate getting into the car and having them say "so what do you want to do?" this puts your date in an awkward position. and you should tell your date ahead of time what you will be doing so they may dress accordingly. but you must be flexible because if you tell a date that you can't really do that activity, yet they take you anyways that is not a good situation and kinda puts a damper on the date.
-you don't want to learn on a first date how quickly the other person wants to be married.....too much too soon (kinda like the bishop thing)
-and lastly be honest with each other, if it is not going to work out just say so. this saves both time and money.

*i have been a very lucky girl and have been on many great dates with truly awesome guys! my favorite dates have always been the ones where you are doing something fun, and it is just relaxed and you can just be yourself.


lyn. said…
Isn't it amazing how much wisdom we gain from experience...
It sounds like you had an awkward date this weekend I am sorry! I wish every guy could read this and learn from it...:)
aly said…
lyn- so true, and i am thankful for my lets me know what i want! ha

leslie- yes oh yes i did :) haha but i had some good ones too! they should read it-- i gave out some great info!- haha

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