some wedding ideas

i just thought these were cool, so i had to share them with y'all!
*found here


Blondie said…
Are you engaged? I like the Save the Date pictures
lyn. said…
I really like the white and green palette with the citrus accents, and the ribbons hanging from the tree!

So did you find a guy who passed the "dating criteria"... teehee
those are fun! i love the last two especially!
aly said…
blondie- haha no i'm not engaged... i probably need to kiss someone first before i marry someone :) haha but i just enjoy looking at wedding things.

lyn- so have i found anyone that passed...... um, well as of now there is no one who has passed that is currently around ;)

britt- thanks! when i get married and if i have a reception you can help me plan after all you will have so much time as a mommy!:)

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