the ones we love

i saw this project on black eiffel's blog the project was this: each photographer took six (natural) pictures of the person that means the most to them. i think this is a great idea and i might just have to do it myself :)

here were some of the ones i liked:
alexei belozerov
indiana caba
julie simon
julio cesar isarrualde
katai stienstra
korolev iliya
lindsay josal
matthew genitempo
rasa vistoskoja

*pictures from top to bottom: julio cesar isarrualde, rasa vistoskoja, julie simon, lindsay josal


LAUREN said…
this is really cool al!

the last girl looks like she takes the pictures for the urban outfitter catalogs
lyn. said…
My favorite was korolv itiya! The pictures are so whimsical...

I would have a hard time deciding who to take the pictures of. Have you decided who?

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