young love

once upon a time when i was a young las i had a pair of jelly shoes, oh how i loved those jelly shoes! well guess what......they're back!! so i am thinking that i might just have to go pick me up a pair of these beauties!

too see more colors see here!


lyn. said…
The old jelly shoes made my feet hot and sweaty, but these might work for me! Do you know if you can get them at the store, or is it just online?

Thanks for sharing this...
K.J. and Macie said…
I love jelly shoes! I used to wear them too. Where can you get them?
aly said…
lyn- i'm not sure, but i am going to go into the store sometime this week so i'll let you know!

macie- they are from old navy!
JULIE said…
ok jellies rock.
but. I had a pair almost identical to these and had to stop wearing them last summer because they make the spot between your big toe and second toe kill. like, hurt so bad it's uncomfortable to walk. So, my non-condescending advice would be find some without a strap between the toe.
your style is adorable PS. and i saw dr crandall the other day. haha.

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