future bff

so i love the show what not to wear! as i was watching it recently, i realized that i think stacy and i could easily be best friends! i know what a random thought, but i will explain to you why :)
- we both like to shop
-we both love love love shoes
-we both use similar phrases (for example "hippy dippy trippy")
-and lastly she is funny, and i like funny people :)

so it's official we are meant to become best friends!


lyn. said…
First of all, you will need to start dressing really badly, so we can get you on the show. As soon as you two meet it will be a friendship made in heaven...

You may be laughing, but I am serious! Wouldn't that be a blast! :-D

P.S. I found an old Pentax camera for your collection.
aly said…
i will dress badly to go on the show and get 5 grand to buy more clothes :) as long as we make me a "new old wardrobe" so that way i don't have to throw away my clothes i have now! haha but what a PERFECT PLAN LYN! then we can all be friends together too!

*oh a old pentax! no way! where did you find it?!

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