food glorious food!

so i was tagged by lyn, so here it goes... i will tell you some of my favorite foods and the places to get it!

1- outbacks house salad with honey mustard dressing--- this is fabulous and is my ultimate favorite! i would also get a side of veggies because their veggies are great!
2- cafe rio's pork salad with black beans and everything except cilantro. and while you are there i would highly recommend a tres leche!
3-macaroni grill's honey balsamic chicken. plus it's also a great place to go because they have great bread and a fab dessert called the lemon passion cake.
4- magelby's blackened chicken caesar salald--but it is very big so i would split it with someone :) and since you split a salad that means you can eat all the breadsticks and dessert that you want :) and trust me their bread is fantastic and their desserts are to die for! i would recommend the chocolate cake, or the buttermilk pie...
5-the salad from scaldonies located in it has steak and is filled with many other good things!
6- the appetizers from cheesecake factory..... fried macaroni and cheese balls, sweet tamale corn-cakes, and the avocado egg rolls
7- the vegas roll from happy sumo + edamame
8- nuts about berries salad from zupas
9- french toast from magelby's fresh-- only downfall is that you have to wake up early to be able to eat this one :) well i guess just before 11:00....
10- and lastly i really like classy cuisine. i love the mandarin, orange, strawberry salad, they have excellent soups, great bread....

well now after finishing that my protein bar doesn't look as good as it once did, and i am now thinking that i am going to have to go out and get me some grub!


lyn. said…
Your descriptions were delectable!
Bye-bye, protein bar; Hello, Classy Cuisine...
lauren said…
cafe rio

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