disney princess on ice

today we went to disney princess on ice! it was so much fun, it made me feel like a little girl all over again!


LAUREN said…
awwww fun!

ps you should get rid of that word verification. i hate doing it.
lyn. said…
The whole Disney Princess thing has gone from a fad to a phenomenon! It is so fun seeing little girls dreaming of being a princess just like we did when we were young. Believe it or not, there was about 40 years in between when when young girls only dreamed of being men... haha
i love these pictures! makes me wish i could have gone. loving katelyns hat, makes my day.
Barb Elder said…
Your Mom and Dad are so cool!! I should of taken my girls. Looks like fun!
aly said…
lyn- i know! i dream about being a princess- i might just go away one summer and do it now after all i am an inch taller and now qualify!

britt- #1- you should have come, and #2-her hat was ridiculously cool!

barb- i know i love my parental units!

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