closet lust

i love organization! which could be the reason why i find these closets amazing! i dream of a perfectly organized closet, but personally i don't need that many shoes or clothes as seen here. but i do think it would be nice to have a closet that is a room, that way you have a room to keep things organized and all the clothes stay out of the bedroom.
* another good closet is seen in the movie "new york minute"-- (the first 5 minutes of the movie are the best f.y.i)
**photo's found here


lyn. said…
I always seem to need more closet space than I have, but that middle picture is I would call excess to the max... }-:
have you seen Mariah Carey's closet on MTV Cribs? It's bigger than my whole apartment! It's amazing!
aly said…
no i haven't but i totally want to now! were any of the clothes cute though because i don't think she dresses that well...(kinda skanky in my opinion)

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