marilyn monroe moment

i had a marilyn monroe moment, and let me tell you it was embarrassing! so i just turned in my paper and i am exiting the swkt, well there is a truck full of boys right out front in one of the big byu vans, anyways it was a blistery day and i was wearing a dress...well i am sure you know what dress blew up, revealing--well me! so naturally they burst out laughing (so loudly i can hear them, and the windows are up!) and of course they honk! but while it was incredibly embarrassing, looking on the bright least i am making some friends! and i am sure i am bound to be a favorite at byu!


Jessie Evans said…
::gasp:: NO! I had THE SAME experience on the vents outside the SWKT. Of course, I also did a repeat performance the next Sunday in church where I was speaking.

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