i cut my hair!

it's all gone!!!


This picture makes me want to cut my hair! You're such a cute girl!
Kylie Finlinson said…
Aly love i absolutely adore your new doo! I think it is great and yes i agree with macie it makes me want to cut my hair! Well i did just barely ....i chopped 5 inches but it makes me want to cut more! So cute!
Kylie Finlinson said…
Aly Real quick i am coming for thanksgiving break this week and i want to come play! So i will give you a call, it is going to be such a good time! love you!
aly said…
oh thanks! yeah annette did it. Ky i am so sad i am gone to st. george for thanksgiving, but not till like tues or wed so if you are here before we can totally play!
first of all, your hair is adorable!! i love it.
Secondly, i have a question. Did you take any photography classes? If so, where? I really want to take one but i'm having the hardest time finding out where to go. Any ideas?
Annegirl said…
Leslie said…
You are always beautiful, but the haircut is darling
aly said…

karissa- I took photo all throughout high school, and then i have taken two classes with brittany through nichole hill. which were really good so next time she is offering it i would highly recommend going!

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