daily routine!

i recently learned that one of the main causes of aging is stress... so in order to stay young i am going to start to meditate. (fyi i learned this on oprah) but the main reason i am going to do this is because it looks fun! but i will let you know if i actually do this because most likely i will not have time--- which takes me back to the stress thing.... oh life!


lol, that is an awesome picture! oh and by-the-way, i can teach you different meditation techniques.
LAUREN said…
oh life is right! haha, i will meditate with you... we can do it on Skype! haha
Whitney Tanner said…
You are so cute! I meditate myself. When I wake up and when I go to bed.
Ha ha! I love that picture! You just made my day. I DOES look fun. Maybe I should try it. . .not that I need help looking young. Is there something I can do to look older? Well, besides smoking. . . :)
aly said…
that would be awesome britt! laur i say we totally do it!!! whitney no wonder you look so young and beautiful! and macie i'm glad i can make your day, oh and tanning is always an option....ha!

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