10 things i am thankful for this week

1- car insurance (for those little accidents we have in life!)
2- dad who paid for the accident
3- mom who corrects all of my papers
4- the christmas music that is playing everywhere
5- the final results to dancing with the stars (i won't say here in case you don't know)
6- my job (i can get a lot done- example: i wrote a huge essay that is due today at work this morning!)
7- my new phone
8- dr.s who hurt you but eventually will fix you (haha well i hope)
9- thanksgiving break (without it i don't think i could have made it till the end of the semester!)
10- all the people in my life who i love!


Whitney Tanner said…
hola! I almost got the yellow ones, but I already have yellow patent heels, and I love the gold! Haha!
LAUREN said…
oh you are just so grateful aren't you? i bet you would be more so if you had freaking crashed into a hott single guy huh--don't worry. it can still happen.

i hope this comment was comforting haha
i'm one of the people in your life that you love...right?
aly said…
you know it baby!
Melissa Jane said…
You were in a crash??? And how are your doctor appointments going?? Love ya and miss ya girlie!
Did those Dr's ever figure out what isn't wired right on you?

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