grow up aly

the other day i was told i look 15.... so i decided i need to dress older.....well i think these lady like dresses are perfect for the job! plus i really like them.

*** i know it is a good thing to look young, but if i look 15 i will never get a date! haha


Honey, I feel your pain. The other day at Old Navy, the sales lady started trying to sell me a credit card, then she looked at me and said "Oh wait, you're like 15 hu?" And I'm 22!!! It's so sad.
aly said…
but we will appreciate it when we are older--- well at least that is what i am told. haha
LAUREN said…
would you like a kid's menu? haha
I know, right? I realize we'll appreciate it when we're old, but it sure gets frustrating right now.
aly, i saw a girl on channel 11, and she looked sooo much like you. i think she must be apart of the broadcast journalism major or something. anyway, it was super wierd.
Whitney Tanner said…
That's funny! You kinda look like kate though.
aly said…
i never know how to take it when someone tells you they saw someone who looks like you- i mean who wants some stranger to look like you-- you kind of want to be unique if you know what i mean.

lauren- thanks thanks a lot- haha jk

whitney- thank you! i think she is really pretty, haha

jessie- AMEN!

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