a disney christmas

with it almost being halloween, it reminds me how close christmas is!!! and i just thought i would let everyone know that before i die, i want to go to disneyland at christmas time! i have been right after and it was so cool. i just can't even imagine the happiest place in the world at christmas time! i simply can't even comprehend it--- and that is why i am going to go, so i can experience it myself.


We're probably going to go after Thanksgiving! Wahoo!
LAUREN said…
especially with it being sooooo cold!
Melissa Jane said…
we will go together!! You and me a girls trip sometime! Definitely the happiest place on earth!!!!!
aly said…
yes melissa let's do it! we won't take lauren because she is grumpy about the cold! haha jk laur- except i find it ironic because you are going to utah state and it is freezing up there!
oh I went at Christmas time with X-C and it was decorated big time and they played Christmas songs! At Christmas time all of the Disney Characters get different out fits like Minnie had a plain red skirt with white fur at the bottom kinda like Santa but a skirt!

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