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Wells 6 Months

Wells at 6 months you have started to really love toys. You are always quick to smile. You can roll, getting better at trying to sit up. You are the worst sleeper and slowly killing your mommy. I am pretty sure you wake up more now then when you were a newborn. You had your first ear infection but got some antibiotics and we are all good now. You also had a few rashes that we have kicked (your skin is super sensitive). You are the best on the go baby. If we are out and about, you are the easiest! You have the best laugh. When you are tired you bury your face or cover my hand to be over your face. It's so cute. You hate to have any blanket on you. If I try and cover you, you kick it right off. You love your siblings and they are always making you smile. You love your activity bouncer. You might be ready for food because at meal times you always stare down all the food with those big blue eyes. You don't look so skinny (pretty sure it's your perfect big cheeks) but you are i

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