Isla I cannot believe you are already one years old! But at the same time I feel like I have had you for forever. You are such a happy baby and have brought more joy into our lives then we could have ever imagined. Today I wanted everything to be about you, but then I realized that for the past year, pretty much everyday is about you and I love it that way. In just the past month you have grown so much. Even the little old ladies at church commented on how much bigger you have gotten. You went from 0 teeth to 4, you will now walk holding on to mamma and dads fingers, and are starting to stand on your own. Before we know it you will be walking all on your own. You have learned to recognize Jesus and will point to him. You give big open mouthed kisses with the occasional bite. You love to be flipped, thrown, anything dangerous and exciting. Maybe one day you will be a little gymnast. You love food especially lasagna, but you don't care for peas (the only thing so far that you haven't taken a liking to). You are learning so much all of a sudden! I love that when you see me you get so excited and happy because that is exactly how you make me feel. Everyday I am just amazed that you are mine and that I get to raise you. I am so excited to celebrate our birthdays together. I love that they are together it just makes us that much more of a duo. We aren't doing anything big or fancy just a small get together all to celebrate you!  Motherhood has been the greatest thing ever, of course it has had it's hard times but really Isla with you it really hasn't been that hard. You made the transition so easy. At this big milestone I just keep thinking of the book "I'll love you forever". I keep thinking of the part that says "i'll love you forever, i'll love you for always, as long as i'm living, my baby you'll be." That is how i feel isla. You will always be my baby, even if you are a big 1 year old now! :) I look forward to all the future years we have together. Happy Birthday baby girl!


Oh gosh. I can hardly get over how cute she is!!
Happy Birthday Isla! I love that book too! Now that I'm a mother, that book actually made me cry!

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