Friday, July 11, 2008

first pb honey sandwich

so the other day i taught this little one how to make her very own  pb & honey sandwich. let me tell you it has been great! not only do i not have to make them anymore, but i also get to see how happy she is when she has completed her masterpiece. 


lyn. said...

What a great older sister you are!

You know what they say: "Give them a pb & honey sandwich and you feed them for one meal, but teach them how to make a pb & honey sandwich and you feed them for a lifetime..." lol

P.S. Oh, my gosh! I went type in the "word verification" code and it was
"pbjzab"- like pb & j (as in peanut butter and jelly). Weird...

brandon & brittany said...

yay! hope she remembers how when it's my turn to babysit! lol!

Whitney Tanner said...

She is so cute. I love honey and pb!